For all you lurkers out there…

Come out, come out wherever you are!

Happy January 14th! Not only is it exactly one month away from my all-time favorite 2.14, its also National De-Lurking Day!

What does that mean for you?

Please, stop being shy and leave a comment! I want to know who is out there and reading this… so introduce yourself! Even if you have come out of hiding a few times before or are a regular commenter, I’d still love for you to participate. Reading your comment will probably be the most excitement of my day (sad? maybe) so entertain me!

What you are about to tell me is totally up to you… but here are some ideas:

You can tell me your life story (long or short version), a few of your favorite things, why you lurk (or don’t lurk), what you want or are gifting for V-Day, or what you had for lunch. I’m open for anything really!

Oh and make sure you tell me about your blog so I’m not missing out on anything good.

Thanks in advance for your comments! ;-)

P.S.- My Ungame giveaway ends tomorrow night! Did you enter?





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