Goodbye January!

This last weekend and last few days of January consisted of…

Watching our biggest snow fall of the year (about 4 inches) and then sadly, watching it melt with 32+ degree temperatures

Trying to concentrate and study for my first test of the semester. Actually, make that my first three tests. Psych on Wednesday, Ecology on Thursday, and Genetics on Friday… yikes!

Catching up on sleep (12 hours on Friday night to be exact) … I only had about 8 hours every night during the week. Not enough for me!


Eating a few M&M cookies my Mom made and then trying to hold back from eating more

Watching the new season of the Duggars’ 19 Kids and Counting!

(Did you watch it too? Sweet and tiny 1 lb, 6 oz baby Josie made her first appearance.)

All while missing my sweet Ryan….

{He doesn’t like this picture because I took it with a flash the night I was learning to use his dSLR .. but I say he looks reaaaaal good no matter what! Even in all those blurry pictures I took! hah}

Goodbye January 2010!





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