Valentine’s Inspiration

Is anyone else a sucker for all things red and pink, possibly heart-shaped with Valentine’s Day written all over it?

I’m a pretty big fan of 2.14 and all the cute goodies that come along with it.

I’ve been browsing Etsy for entirely too long tonight, looking at all the Heart Day eye candy. I have to share some of my favorites…

(If you see something you love, click on the picture for the link.)

Personalize with your names! Also get this on a pillow if you prefer.

Owl Be Yours

Pink & White Strawberries

Hearts on a String… on a pillow

Bottlecap Magnets

Good thing these aren’t edible, they’re too cute to eat!

Adorable pinwheels

A little decor

Write a love note in this card

More decor

Did you know Scrabble can be cute?

Pretty coasters, could be used all year!

Conversation Hearts.. in felt

A mailbox for all your Valentines

…Or hang your Valentines

Adorable gift tags

Make your camera festive (if you have a fancy one that is)

A Gussy with the signature ruffle

Now are you getting excited for 2.14?

If not, you may be 1) a man or 2) anti-Valentine’s Day.

Feel free to share some other must-see items!





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