Tag: Valentine Day

  • 7 Pretty Things On Sunday

    Today I am joining in on the 7 Pretty Things On Sunday linky party, hosted by Gussy Sews, Matchstick Molly, Much Love, Illy, & The Letter 4.  :)  It’s just a fun way to share seven inspiring photos that you love. Lately, I’ve been spending a little too much time on Pinterest and in turn, […]

  • Valentine’s Day 2011

    If you know Ryan or me, you know that Valentine’s Day is a pretty big deal.  For us.  214 is our day.  Read our love story here if you are interested.  Or stay tuned for a new blog where you will hear a lot more from US.

  • Heart Garland

    There’s something about Valentine’s Day that makes me feel crafty… (anyone else?)

  • A favorite date

    Two.fourteen It’s far more than a Hallmark holiday for us. I’ve always liked Valentine’s Day, but little did I know how much more significance it would hold after 2006. It would become our day, a day of celebration with the boy of my dreams. Literally. In our junior high days, I wouldn’t have believed anyone […]

  • Hate mail

    Dear Winter, Alright, that’s it. You’ve crossed the line by coming between Ryan and me… and I have a problem with that. (Yes, this is a threat.) You know exactly what I’m talking about: Perhaps I should’ve been more specific about the white blanket of snow in my first letter to you. You see, there […]