Genetics poll for YOU!

Two tests down, one to go. I have to get busy studying for my genetics test because it’s tomorrow and I haven’t studied yet! Yikes…I’m obviously not good at managing my time when studying for 3 tests in one week. This feels like finals week, but I’m only 1/4 of the way through the semester. Dang.

So since I don’t have much time to waste, I have a few questions for you! They relate to genetics of course…

1) Can you roll your tongue?

Our professor asked our class who could NOT roll their tongue and only a few of us out of 35-40 people couldn’t… including me! That means I am homozygous recessive for tongue rolling (rr). If you one of the many people who can roll your tongue, you are either Rr (heterozygous) or RR (homozygous dominant). I feel left out!

2) Do you have a widow’s peak?

It is a dominant trait. I do not have one so once again I am homozygous recessive. (ww)

3) Are your earlobes attached?

If so, you are homozygous recessive for that trait (ee). Mine is detached.

4) Do you have a hitchhicker’s thumb?

I do not. It is a recessive trait so if you don’t have one you are either Hh or HH.

Your turn!

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