Hate mail

Dear Winter,

Alright, that’s it. You’ve crossed the line by coming between Ryan and me… and I have a problem with that. (Yes, this is a threat.)

You know exactly what I’m talking about:

Perhaps I should’ve been more specific about the white blanket of snow in my first letter to you. You see, there are certain times I do not want snow falling and ruining my plans. I’m not even asking for much– I hardly ever have plans to ruin! Until now.

How dare you mess with a cuddle-deprived, long-distance couple who just wants to share a flippin’ hug? (And maybe a kiss.)

Just recently, I finally thought of the genius idea that Ryan could rent a car to come see me! He doesn’t have a car, but I never thought of the car rental option… I only thought of buses, planes, trains, and hitchhiking. He planned to visit this weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day early… until you decided to be funny. There just so happens to be a huge winter storm covering the entire route from Ryan to me. No one is laughing.

Lovely timing. Just lovely.

Now I’m snowed in after a long week of tests…. with no boyfriend to cuddle and make babies snow angels. (Totally kidding about the babies. I’m sleep deprived.) He is snowed in 380+ miles away. There’s something wrong with this picture.

For goodness’ sake, I didn’t even get a cancelled class out of this deal. Nothing.

I hope you are happy that I now have to wait two more !@*## weeks to see my Love.

A lonely girlfriend





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