Picture from the beginning of my 20’s. My last birthday with my Dad here. :(

Happy Half-Birthday to Me and Happy Groundhog Day to You! I’m not sure why I never let my half-birthday go unrecognized, but I feel it’s important too. When I have kids, I think I’ll do something special for their half-birthdays each year.

Do you let your half-birthday pass by without thinking about it? When is yours?

Maybe it’s an August 2nd thing because twins from my HS class who share the same birthday “celebrate” theirs too. They already texted me today wishing me a Happy Half-Birthday! (Aw and so did my bff Nour. She knows me well.)

The twins and me on Senior Night, Fall 2006

I don’t actually eat cake or anything for mine… it’s only half as special anyway, right? I just take a second and realize how quickly 6 months goes by!

I’d rather look at it as half-past my 21st birthday instead of half-way to my 22nd. No need to rush any further into my 20’s… I’ll be 30 soon enough! And I also never liked to rush my birthday because it’s near the end of summer. ‘Cause you know what comes after that…

Speaking of seasons and back to Groundhog Day, I refuse to believe Punxsutawney Phil. Spring IS coming sooner than later.

Ryan met that silly groundhog before….





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