Our Belated 2.14

Is it more realistic to rewind time and re-play this weekend over and over again…

for the distance between Ryan and me to disappear so we can have many, many sweet weekends like the past one…. and weekdays together?

Don’t answer that.

This past weekend with Ryan was our lovely little belated Valentine’s Day. It was also our 6-week overdue time together. Enterprise provided him a car (for a reasonable fee) and he drove back to Missouri to see me on Friday. I decided it would be best for him to come here since my anxiety is a bit crazy right now*… and he kindly puts up with my problems.

I really couldn’t believe I was actually going to see him! It didn’t hit me until he pulled up in the driveway, rang the doorbell 10 times in a row, and I let him in with the biggest hug a five foot, 100 lb. girl can give! The rest of that evening I soaked in his sweetness and kept thinking.. Omg, we’re finally cuddling again! Seriously, it is as surreal as I make it sound. It takes at least a week with him to get past that feeling. But surreal or not, it’s amazing.

I think Saturday was our official belated 2.14. We just hung out during the day at his house and then made plans for the night. He came to my house and this time when I answered the door, I was greeted with pretty roses and a package! There were four, red roses (one for each year together), a cute card explaining the popcorn and mints in the package. (I LOVE getting cards from him.. They’re just so cute and I rarely see a handwritten note from him. Did you know that Ryan?)

I just had a(nother) card for him… even though I tried to think of V-Day ideas for a month, I couldn’t come up with much of anything. But I still owe him his B-Day present (I’m a terrible gift giver lately) so he can add on to that. Hah.

But with his first V-Day card I sent him in the mail, I also sent a little something I made. Some homemade fortune cookies… that you can’t eat! ;)

Then he took me out to dinner (I chose Mexican over steak) and then we rented a movie! We had our Jiffy Pop popcorn (I’d never made it before), non-alcoholic wine (he didn’t like it so he had OJ), and watched (500) Days of Summer. It was a really great night!
Ohhh and I almost forgot, he parked in our yard and when we tried to leave, his rental car was stuck in the mud. Unfortunately (it would’ve been a great way for him to be stuck in Missouri!) and fortunately (so we could go on our date), Ryan, my brother, and his friend pushed it out.

On Sunday morning, Ryan and his Mom picked me up for Church. We went to a different Church than usual (although how can I say “usual” when I’ve been horrible at attending lately?) and that was really nice. His Mom treated us with Panera for lunch and then headed back to get Ryan packed up and ready to go back (super SHORT trip). He actually didn’t end up leaving until about 4 pm though because he stayed a few hours at my house before leaving. We cuddled and cried… oh wait, I mean I cried. Since I never cry but probably should, all of my built up tears are “saved” for our goodbyes. Seriously, I hate crying, but what can you do when you can’t stop the tears from rolling? Just let them go, but keep from hyperventilating. I tell you what… Ryan really loves me…heh. (And I love him too!)

He finally had to go, but he called me several times during his trip. :) It made my heart feel a little bit better. I just wish (and I’ll keep wishing until that day…) that we didn’t have to leave each other anymore. But hey, don’t get me wrong… I loved spending time with him and I’m so thankful he could come see me! Thanks for the amazing weekend, Valentine!

Let me tell you… Cold, lonely, end of February Mondays after nice, cuddly weekends are a bit rough.

*I did have a bit of anxiety on Saturday and Sunday morning, as I had only been taking my medicine for a week and a half. But I can do everything through Him who gives me strength. (His) perfect Love casts out fear.

P.S. – We are so silly we forgot to take a picture of us together. Such is life!





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