2nd Giveaway Winner!

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday– I’ve made it half-way through this crazy week.

It’s time to announce the winner of my 2nd giveaway for a gift card of your choice!

Although I’ve been super busy babysitting and studying, I took a few minutes to write out all the entries on paper and draw the winner the old-fashioned way. Except it was out of a bowl, not out of a hat. And to be extra fair, I had my Mom draw the name! By the way, you probably forgot, but I did not forget the extra “secret” entries I offered back in January in my 1st Blogiversary post. If you commented with your favorite post of mine back then, I added an entry to this giveaway as I said I would! (I just thought the giveaway would be much sooner than now.)

Enough clarification, onto the fun part….

Congrats to….. JESSICA from Classy in Philadelphia! Woohoo!

She was my 20SB blog swap partner back in the fall and ever since then I’ve been reading her blog. It’s a good read so you definitely should check it out too!

Jessica, I’ll be contacting you and sending a Barnes & Noble gift card your way! (Unless you’ve changed your mind about which one you want, of course!) Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who entered and hello to my new readers! :)





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