Catching up again…

Hello dear blog readers… remember me? Oh, no?

My name is Mindy, nice to (re)meet you! ;-)

I’ve missed you! I need to get back into the blogging habit!

So you know what my recent absence means? It’s time for a catch-up post…

  • During the last weekend of February I babysat 26 hours straight– from 11 AM on Saturday until 2 PM on Sunday! The parents went out of town for a night and it went just fine! There were 5 kids from two different families, which sounds like a lot but they’re well-behaved and all play together nicely! Plus three of them are 5th, 6th, and 7th grade girls. The other two are a kindergarden and a 3rd grade boy. I had to take them to Mass, which was an interesting (first) experience for me.
  • Then, the first week of March, was a very busy school week!
-Filled out the FAFSA
-Genetics homework
-Genetics test. I ended up with a 86/100 overall.. which still isn’t great for me, but it’s better than the first test. Part of it was online, which actually made it possible time-wise.
-Psych test. Got the same score as my first test, only missing 4 points.
-Ecology group presentation over the Florida Everglades. Thankfully our Ecology class was cancelled on Tuesday.
  • Then after a busy week, the first weekend of March brought more babysitting…
-I had to babysit at six thirty in the morning on Saturday for 7 hours. Yikes, that’s early! But I somehow survived. It put me on a good sleeping schedule because for the past four nights I’ve gone to bed around 10 pm… that’s early for me! I’ve been catching up on sleep though because I’ve felt drained of energy from a busy week. On Sunday I finally made it to Church and then Ryan’s Mom took me out to lunch for Chinese.

  • I’ve won my first giveaways of this year! Maybe my giveaway luck is back?!

-One giveaway was $25 shop credit to The Pleated Poppy so I got these cute posy pins that I can put on a purse, jacket, scarf or wherever my heart desires!

-And then… get this… I won another chalkboard from Playing Grown-Up. Remember I won a Christmas chalkboard from her in November? I won another giveaway from her– crazy! This time she has new designs and I’m choosing this one from her Etsy shop:

You should check out her other chalkboards– they’re cute!

  • Spring is unofficially here!!! It’s been sunny and nice…the other day was 70+ degrees… ahhhh-mazing! You can tell the grass is just starting to turn green and the buds on trees are more noticeable. I can’t believe that winter is finally leaving!

  • Tomorrow is my last school day of this week because of St. Pat’s Break! Woohoo!

  • I have been on my anxiety medicine for 4 weeks. It’s definitely been helping, but I’m not sure how well it’s supposed to work so I don’t know if I need a higher dose. I’ve been meaning to write about that and my past few therapy sessions but obviously haven’t got around to it…

  • Remember, you can ask and read questions about me on my formspring if you’d like.

I think that’s about it for now. Leave me a comment to let me know you’re still out there too! :)





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