First signs of spring!

While I know that some people are still getting hit with winter weather, I think it’s officially on the way out here in Missouri. I’m confident in saying that we are in our last days of cool weather for the winter season. Just call me Punxsutawney Phil because I’m declaring that it’s the last week of winter!

I’m not usually a very observant person (like, not at all), but one exception is when it comes to spring. I make a point to look around for the signs of spring, as I’ve been doing this past week. It feeds my spring fever and makes me long for it even more. But when I see the hints of the upcoming season, it gives me hope! Hope that winter is behind us and warm weather is about to take its place.

Finally…Spring is just around the corner!

If you actually look for signs of the season to arrive, you can’t miss them. The birds know that winter is drifting away; you can hear them singing more often. The weather is slowly, but surely getting warmer. It has made it to about 50 degrees and that feels really warm after a long, cold winter. Pretty soon it will be creeping up into the 60’s and that day will be amazing! The sun is shining more and it feels warmer. In fact, the sun angle is about 45 degrees here in Small Town, Missouri. (Props to our ecology teacher for informing us of the increasing sun angle.) And guess what I saw peeking out of the ground the other day?! Flowers, possibly tulips, just starting to make their way out of the soil! Now that was exciting! On a related note, I can also see the beginning of purple leaf buds on a tree that I pass on my way to school. I watched it last year and I know it is one of the first ones to get leaves. I saw the purple in the sunlight and I had to do a double take. I want to make sure I’m not just imagining these things as symptoms of my spring fever. ;) It hasn’t happened yet, but next the grass will begin to get its green color back!

I’m so giddy that spring is on the way and I don’t think I’m the only one! I’ve heard a lot of people say they are anticipating its arrival. It will be obvious in just a few short weeks and I seriously can’t wait! I want to get into my short-sleeve shirts, flip flops, sunglasses.. drive with my windows down.. and sit outside and soak in some long-overdue sunshine. Ahhh.

This upcoming week will be also be the start of March and it holds so much possibility for all things spring! Does that sound good or what?!
P.S.- I’ve had very little inspiration to blog lately, but it looks like spring is just what I need :)





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