Summer Dresses

Earlier I saw a dress and all of a sudden I got really giddy about wearing warm weather dresses again. This happens every spring where it just hits me all of a sudden (like the beach fever) — I need a dress fix. I started looking them up and found some cute ones, which just fueled the fire (duh)! I decided I want a collection to make up my whole summer wardrobe. They’re so cute, fun, and make up a whole outfit (plus flip flops.) But they can be expensive and I’m cheap so it’s kind of a bummer. Hmmm…

A found several cute ones from Delia’s (click pictures for links):

The above dress didn’t catch my eye, but the name did.
Mindy Knit Dress. I think it’s fate, don’t you? ;-)

Now if it could just get warmer and stay that way… the temps have been up and down here. Tomorrow is supposed to be 60’s and Friday is supposed to be 70+ — can’t wait to feel the warm sun again! It’s been a week or so. Not sure I’ll pull out a dress yet though…

Have you seen any cute dresses lately?





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