Thursday was a lovely day, Ryan’s first full day back home.

We first started out the day with a long-overdue bike ride.  We went on this local bike path (with a killer hill) and the combination of humidity + a 2.5 week break from riding + just waking up and eating only cereal made it a little rough for me!  I had to lie down on the path a few times to let my heart and lungs catch up.  But overall, I was glad to get back on my bike!

Then after showering, we took our bikes in for their first monthly tune-up, ate some yummy pizza for lunch, and some pie for dessert.  Next up was grocery shopping and then back home to get ready for Toy Story 3 in 3D!

The movie came out right when Ryan left for Indiana so we had to wait until he got back to see it.  We went on a nice little date to watch it and it was really good (the date and the movie)!  I think that was my first time watching a movie in 3D.  The glasses are pretty amusing so of course we had to get some pictures!  Just out of curiosity, how much does it cost to watch a 3D movie in your town/city?  It cost us $10 each which isn’t bad at all, but we do live in a small town.

Have you seen Toy Story 3 yet?  It’s super cute, and great for all ages!  I heard it made a lot of people cry, but I thought it had a sweet ending.  :)  What’d you think?

Now, for your entertainment… pictures of our hott date.





4 responses to “A HOTT Date”

  1. Brittany Avatar
    Love the glasses! Too funny.

    It costs $10 here to just see a regular movie lol – I think 3D is around $15 or $20 – ridiculous!!
  2. Eliza Avatar
    Those 3D glasses are HUGE. We haven't been to a 3D movie yet. I think paying extra is ridiculous. Especially since almost all movies are 3D anymore. But it's cheaper here than it is where you live. It's only $8 in my town and $9 in the next town over. So it's not to much less than what you pay. I'm pretty sure in Sullivan it's probably only $6. Their movies are always way cheaper.
  3. Mindy Avatar
    We actually went to Sullivan! lol. How far are you from there?
  4. Mindy Avatar
    Haha difference between the mid-west and east coast!

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