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  • I’m ENGAGED!

    My highlight of 2011 was when Ryan asked me to marry him!!!  On December 12th, I became his fiancée after almost 6 years together.  :) It’s still surreal – partly because I haven’t been able to wear my ring yet!  It’s now resized and waiting for us in Indiana.  We also haven’t discussed any wedding […]

  • Boyfriend Photo Shoot

    Ryan & I just got back to Missouri after hanging out in Indiana for a few weeks.  One thing we did while we were there was an impromptu photo session!  This time, I was behind the camera and Ryan was in front. (Next time it’s vice versa!)  He was such a gorgeous model…oh wait, am […]

  • My New 35 mm + More

    Ever since Easter weekend, Ryan and I have been going back in forth between Missouri and Indiana.  It’s been fun.  :o)

  • I’m A Mac

    Once upon a time, girl met boy.  Girl also met boy’s Mac.  She fell in love (with both).

  • I’m With The Band {ISYC 2010}

    Thanksgiving break wraps up tonight and school starts up again tomorrow (boo!).. but with only two more weeks of classes (woo!).  It’s been a busy, but FUN break and so I’m going to have to post about it in different parts…