Crud Wars

A little peek at what my boyfriend is doing at camp this week, besides of course, playing drums with John Tibbs….

They call it “crud wars.”

1) Make a huge muddy mess with firetruck hose.

2) Throw flour on each other

3) Go crazy with shaving cream.

4) Throw horse feed that has been soaked in water.

I haven’t figured out how they determine the winner, but I think it’s just an excuse to get really dirty!  Every kid’s (and man’s) dream!  Love it.  :)

Looks like he is having way more fun than me, while I’m stuck at home with homework and tests.

Thanks to Emily for taking the pictures!  I borrowed them from her Facebook.






3 responses to “Crud Wars”

  1. KJHartenstein Avatar
    That looks like way too much fun lol.
  2. Carriejo Avatar
    hahaha….that is awesome! of course…somebody will have to do all that laundry!! mindy…we are missing out!!! :)
  3. Caro Avatar
    I'd love to try that!

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