Summer Sensory {Part I}

It’s inevitable.

Every year, I try to get a tight hold on summer, remembering how quickly it faded the year before.  I always foolishly think I can hold it close and never let go.  I try not to let it out of my sight for a second.  But no matter how hard I try, it slips.  Time does not slow its pace, but I am not convinced that it stays the same either.  Father Time must be playing tricks on us.

From June, the prime of summer, to July, the heart of summer, to August, the summer finale….   it’s all but a dream.

June, my very favorite, has come and gone.  I spent 4 weeks in a classroom and behind books, which certainly does not help the situation.

July will leave as quickly as it came.  Yet I am determined to soak up every ray of sunshine.

Maybe I try too hard?

I am pretty sure I have the extreme version of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) because the thought of any season other than spring or summer makes me want to … relocate my life to the Caribbean and never look back.

Now that I have that off my chest…

What is it that makes summer so heavenly?

It appeals to every sense.

The sight of….


Etsy source

and Fireworks.

Etsy source

The smell of….


Etsy source

and a day at the pool (chlorine + sunscreen).

Etsy source

The taste of….

Ice Cream

Etsy source

and Watermelon.

Etsy source

The feel of….

The wind while riding my bike

Etsy source

and the Warm Sunshine.

Etsy source

The sound of…

The birds and bees.  (Not like that!)

Etsy source

Etsy source

There’s much more to name, so we’ll call this Part I.

Tell me, what tickles your senses during the summertime?





3 responses to “Summer Sensory {Part I}”

  1. Bethanyhaid Avatar
    I love summer, too. As a teacher, you will have another reason to love it!
  2. katie Avatar
    Ahhh. I love summer too. These are some great images. You are quite the etsy naviagtor finding all of these jewel.s

    I have never seen fireflies in real life. I hope to someday.
  3. KJHartenstein Avatar
    I liked this A LOT. Whenever I think of summer I think of camping despite the fact that I haven't been camping since I was young. But it used to be such a part of my life and my summers that even now I think about it.

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