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  • Christmas Wish-List

    Just incase you didn’t understand the humor of my last post / don’t like Mariah Carey Christmas songs / thought it was too cliche, cheesy, or goofy…. then here is my “selfish” Christmas list just for fun…

  • I’m With The Band {ISYC 2010}

    Thanksgiving break wraps up tonight and school starts up again tomorrow (boo!).. but with only two more weeks of classes (woo!).  It’s been a busy, but FUN break and so I’m going to have to post about it in different parts…

  • A Cold Can’t Ruin Our Fun!

    Last Thursday night during the Pad Party (post on that soon!), I felt a sore throat coming on.  You know that awful feeling when you just know you’re getting sick?  And how it’s even more awful when you have something planned in the next few days?

  • Double Date Night in FL

    {Florida posts continued… To catch up start here.} On Friday (July 16th), Ryan helped Christian bring his drums back to life.  His poor drum set had been in pieces stored in a big box for quite some time.  Ryan saved the day and Christian, the aspiring drummer, loved it!  They played drums together and after […]

  • From My Hands To Yours!

    You may have noticed….I was on a nice blogging roll lately, but I got a little behind this past weekend.  It might be because I’ve traveled about 2,000 miles since Saturday!!!  I’ll be playing catch up soon and tell you about going to my Grandma’s, the John Tibbs album release party, and how excited I […]