Last night we took a short bike ride after getting our bikes all tuned up, and apparently I wasn’t prepared enough.  A bug hit me right in the eye and did a really great job of irritating it!  It burns to get water or Visine in it and it looks quite attractive.

I babysat the other night, and Mama Tiffany was coming down with pink eye… so I was debating whether this was pink eye or bug eye.  12+ hours later, I’ve decided it’s the latter.  Good thing.  Lesson learned: wear some kind of eye protection when riding in the evening!  Those bugs are vicious.

P.S.- Ryan and I are on an adventure and currently at a Starbucks in Illinois.  More soon, promise!  I’m keeping you in suspense for a reason.

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  1. Instead of wearing those sunglasses on your head… you should wear them how they are suppose to be worn and then bugs won't hit you in the eye. lol. Glad to hear it's ok!

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