Tag: Starbucks

  • My First Attempt at Cake Pops

    Cake pops should come with a disclaimer: Harder than they look (but worth the effort).

  • Instagram Fun

    These past few weeks, I’ve been using Ryan’s iPhone to take and edit some photos.  I decided that I want an iPhone just for the camera and photography apps, like Instagram!  It’s so fun!

  • Blogging On The Road

    This blog post is brought to you by the iPhone and iPad.

  • Starbucks Secret

    I found out this weekend about Starbucks’ best kept secret. Or maybe it isn’t a secret and I just live under a rock. Either way, I wanted to share incase you haven’t heard about it either. Did you know that you can buy or use a Starbucks gift card and register it? Once you do […]

  • Ouch!

    Last night we took a short bike ride after getting our bikes all tuned up, and apparently I wasn’t prepared enough.  A bug hit me right in the eye and did a really great job of irritating it!  It burns to get water or Visine in it and it looks quite attractive. I babysat the […]