Since I’m cheap, I only brought a few souvenirs home from Florida.  Florida oranges and an illness.  Yep, I started getting sick the day we left Florida.  I think I caught a cold from my little cousins.  It’s been irritating my throat and making it so I can’t talk loud at all and sound raspy when I do talk.  If this doesn’t clear up when I wake up tomorrow, I’m going to the doctor.  And I hate going to the doctor.  But I want to feel better!  (I wrote this last night.  Today I went to the doctor, and it wasn’t worth the anxiety!!  No strep, nothing they can do.)

Yesterday I had a last minute dentist appointment.  Literally.  I called and they fit me in an hour later.  How’d this come up?  Well, I looked in the mirror to check out my throat and I noticed something dark stuck the middle of two teeth.  Brushing my teeth did not get it out.  What could it be?  Oh yes… Sand!  From the beach!  Add that to my list of souvenirs.

So anyway, I went to the dentist and got my 6 month checkup since it was coming up in August and of course, got the sand removed from my teeth.  They laughed at me.  But I bet that happens a lot at the dentists in Florida.  Right?! I really am curious now.

They also took an x-ray, which I’ve been scared to death of getting ever since I thought my wisdom teeth were pushing through several months ago.  Turns out, those suckers didn’t get very far.  They are still up above my bone.  That is some of the best news I’ve heard in a while!!!!!!  Now, if they just stay there for the rest of my life, I can avoid the dreaded wisdom teeth extraction.  Hallelujah!

I paid paid my brother $30 to wash and wax my car.  It had a million bugs squished onto it from our trip to Florida.  It was a mess and I didn’t want to tackle it.  It’s HARD work to do it right!  Thanks to my brother, it’s so pretty and shiny now!  Well, it was, until I drove it down our gravel road.  Ugh, don’t remind me.  Now I just need to vacuum out the sand.  Or should I keep it to remind me of how much I miss Florida?  :o)

My cousin Darah and her boyfriend Micah showed up at our house on Sunday!!!  They’re from California, but are on their way to Louisiana, where they are moving.  Their arrival was a surprise to me, although I had a feeling I knew they were coming.

My Aunt Marcie, Darah’s Mom, arrived tonight.  I am so SO happy they are all here!!!!  They will be here for about a week, and will leave right after my birthday.

But guess what else?  My BFF Nour will be here Saturday too!  YAY!!!  I sooo wish Ryan was here too though.  :(  He’s at a camp in Missouri, and we’re going to visit him this week.

The weird thing is, Darah arrived at our house on the exact same date last year, July 25th, to help with my Dad .  And this year, she did not at all plan on when she would be here.  It just happened to fall on the same date; very strange that it worked out that way.  Last year, my Dad passed away a week after she came here.  I can’t believe it has almost been a year.  In a way it seems like forever ago, but a year sounds like a LONG time to be without my Dad.  I’ll write more thoughts about this soon.

Last night we watched “Shutter Island,” which was my second time seeing it.  It’s one of those movies you HAVE to see twice because it makes you think.  It’s kind of creepy, but it’s really good.  The night before we watched “Avatar,” which I’ve now seen three times.  That one, of course, is a must-see.  Next up we’re going to watch “Titanic” because Micah and I have NEVER seen it!  I can’t believe I met someone else who hasn’t seen it either!  See any good movies lately?

There’s lots of other fun things in store… lots of memories to be made!





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  1. CarrieJo Avatar
    I agree…Shutter Island should be watched twice…I have only seen it once but I am craving to watch it again.

    Funny story-My friend Jill is constantly playing “My Heart Will Go On” on our piano upstairs…and one night she convinced Todd to play along with the electric guitar…haha we do it classy at the Liles' household! :)

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