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  • Smith Family Photos

    This sweet family made it really easy to shoot beautiful photos!  They brought lots of fun props – a wagon, a quilt, a basket, caramel apples, books – to their fall photo shoot.  It’s always a great idea to make photo shoots more fun for little ones!  They also did a great job of choosing […]

  • Ryan’s New MacBook Pro

    Yesterday Ryan and I photographed a wedding (I was shooting pictures for 10 hours!) so expect to see previews in the near future.  It was fun!!! ———

  • Yesterday…

    Since I’m cheap, I only brought a few souvenirs home from Florida.  Florida oranges and an illness.  Yep, I started getting sick the day we left Florida.  I think I caught a cold from my little cousins.  It’s been irritating my throat and making it so I can’t talk loud at all and sound raspy […]

  • Class of 2010

    On May 22,2010, my brother, Steven, graduated from High School.  In all honesty, we were never quite sure if this day would come.  Yes, I was Valedictorian of my graduating class, so you could call us opposites.  Ah, the infamous debate, nature vs. nurture? You can’t deny we are related though when you see us side […]

  • Siblings

    Here’s some more photos from my brother’s senior picture session, all credit to Ryan Ray. The assistant (me) got in a few pictures somehow and then my Mom wanted some sibling pictures. And now the Brother & Sister pics…awww. I’m his favorite sister! Actually, his favorite sibling! ;) What can I say? I’m just that […]