Drive-In Theater

Just before summer break ended, Ryan and I squeezed in a trip to the local Drive-In Theater.  We watched “The Other Guys” (Will Ferrell) and left before the second movie, “Grown-Ups” (Adam Sandler), started.   We didn’t think it was worth our time to sit through a horribly rated movie, when I also had to get up early the next morning for my first day of the Fall Semester.  I would say “The Other Guys” was good, but maybe not worth Theater prices.

However, I’m glad we got to experience the Drive-In before summer ended.  It could’ve been better, without mosquitos, broken speakers, and a better movie, but hey… I probably would’ve regretted it if we didn’t go.  The old Theater may need a little work, but it’s always worth giving it a try and making the best out of summer with Ryan.  :)  We always have a good time and are well aware how precious our time is together!









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  1. Love the cool photos. Is this the one in Cuba? I have wanted to take the kids for the experience of a drive in, but every time I check what is showing there, it is not kid material. :(

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