Parking Violation

What a great way to kick off a semester!  This is my first week of the Fall 2010 Semester and I’m already played an intense game of “musical cars.”  In other words, there is not enough parking and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to the one open spot first.

Today, before my 9 am Ed Psych class, there were no open spots.  Well besides some illegal ones on the street where there’s a yellow line instead of a white.  So what do I do?  Go to class and risk getting a parking ticket from the city of Rolla or turn around and go back home because there’s no place to park?

I already made the 15 minute drive to Rolla and don’t want to skip class, so no turning around for me.  I park my car in the restricted “yellow zone” and quickly walk to class.

When I come out of class, I have a lovely yellow ticket under my windshield wiper. Surprise!  They’re really hitting the students hard on the first week. One hour parking was sure expensive that day, with a $10 fine I now have to pay.


I MUST come up with a solution because there is absolutely no parking at that time of day and I can’t afford $10 tickets 3x a week.

Bike to school?  Too far.
Park a mile away? Possibly.
Have my Mom drop me off at school? Middle School all over again.
Buy a parking pass? None available.
Drop out? Yes, it is that frustrating.
Fight someone for a spot?  Too small.
Valet parking? I wish.

Alright, I give up. Musical cars, it is.  Here’s to hoping people start skipping their morning classes so there is more parking available.

Happy First Week of the Semester!

P.S.- This is my 3rd parking ticket since transferring to S&T.  I’ve been through this before with my 10 o’clock Cell Bio class!





3 responses to “Parking Violation”

  1. Chrissy Avatar
    I never thought of not going to class because I couldn’t find a place to park! Funny! :o)
  2. Bethanyhaid Avatar
    Oh sweetie… only 3? I am way up in the double digits now. I’ve had four this summer and I only work there two days a week! My fines are now FIFTY DOLLARS each since I have attended the same university for about 16 semesters. Yikes! I would install a bike rack on your car and park in a commuter lot or on a side street blocks away and ride the rest! Dan did that. I can’t believe no parking garage! I have had the exact same thought of avoiding the parking ticket and not going to class. Its too hard to do that for education classes! Also, I’ve been known to stalk some one from the door of a building to their car, pause, and take their spot. It is a little creepy, but it works. At malls, too.
  3. Jaimee Avatar
    What about heading to class a little earlier in the morning to beat the rush. Is there a nice place you can sit and do some last minute studying?

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