M^2 Photo Shoot {Part I}

Along with my new blog design (by no one other than Ryan Cannon Ray), I also got a photo shoot with the deal!  Okay, I did request that part, but Ryan liked the idea too.  (Why wouldn’t he like taking photos of his girl?)  I thought it’d be nice to have some new pictures to put on my “About” page and maybe have some nice pictures to boost my self-esteem.  (Haha, that means I really trust that he is a good photographer!)

I chose my outfits and the main location at sunset, and he did his magic with his Canon 7D and Aperture.  He recently did an engagement and wedding shoot (and has more booked) so you better reserve a spot soon.  Family Fall Photos, anyone?  He doesn’t really have a name for his business yet, but I think it should be something simple like “Cannon Photos.”  Seriously, pretty much everything I know about photography I’ve learned from him so far, and I hope to catch up and keep up with his eye and knowledge for good photo.  Is that even possible?!  Sigh.  My new camera is a good start, anyway.

Oh yes, you need to see his work first…. check out the pictures!!!  And… thank you, Ryan Love, for being so awesome and good to me!  :)

[nggallery id=1]





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  1. Saranray Avatar
    He had a beautiful model to capture these wonderful pictures!
  2. Mrsfuhring Avatar
    Love the pictures!!!! And I love your new blog design :o)

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