Hello October (And Ryan!)

Believe it or not, tomorrow is the first day of October … and I’m about to start the month out right!

Call me crazy, but I’m off to Indiana again this weekend!  I am, in fact, crazy… for Ryan.  Obviously, since I will be driving another 800 miles (round trip) to go see him after just visiting 2 weeks ago.  Did I mention I despise driving?  He’s one lucky boy!  My love for him must outweigh my hate for driving by A LOT.  (Oh and for the record, he owes me two trips here..hahah.)

So please, knock on wood that I don’t get sick again.  I’m barely over my cold from two weeks ago!  I had a lingering cough, but I think it is finally seen its last days.  It was a stubborn one.

So weather and health permitting (again, please cross your fingers), we have some great things planned.

We will be going to a corn maze in Farmland, Indiana at 1 Fun Farm – it’s supposed to be one of the best in Indiana!  We don’t have corn in this part of Missouri so I’ve never been through one, but have always wanted to go.  I’m so excited!!!  If I don’t come back next week, it’s because we got lost in the 10 acre maze and never found our way out.  I mean, seriously… look at this thing..

Also, we will be riding our bikes on the Monon Trail in Indy.

I haven’t been on my bike in a month so I am super excited about this!!!  Todd and Carrie were supposed to join us, but unfortunately they can’t this time around.  However, we might be able to meet up with them for dinner or something this weekend!

What I know for sure is that this weekend has FUN written all over it!  Let me show you just how excited I am…

Afterall, I do get to hug this sweet guy again….

5 Replies to “Hello October (And Ryan!)”

  1. I just read that in Licking, MO. they have a corn maze similiar to the one you mention. Looks like a lot of fun! Have a fun.

  2. Driving trips, not matter how long, are worth the destination. Especially, when the one waiting for you is just as excited that you’re coming too! You two will make great memories… and that’s worth lots of miles!
    The picture of you jumping is great! Being short… doesn’t look like you got that far off the ground. I think you need to jump off something to make it look like more air. lol
    Ryan… you’re crazy good looking and sweet!

  3. That maze looks amaze-ing! Corny pun, I know. Oh, there’s another one. Get it? Corny! Hahaha, sorry, I’ll stop. Love you. Have fun!

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