Labor Day Weekend Recap

Over Labor Day weekend, my Mama and I visited my Grandma in M-Ville, Missouri.  While my Mom attended her Maryville High School Class of 1980 Reunion Activities on Friday and Saturday night, I hung out with my Grandma and my cousin Mitch.

Mitch and I rode bikes around the Northwest Missouri Campus one night.  Can you guess how old he is?


My Grandma and I had good conversation.  I think I figured out why God designed old people to repeat the same stories over and over.  It’s so we never forget them!  And seriously, that’s a extra good thing for me with my horrible memory.

My Grandma absolutely hates getting her picture taken.  So she hid behind her Kleenex!


And then we got her!  She’s the cutest 89-year-old Grandma.  Yep, we’re about the same height!


Of course, I did take a few photos and video at the reunion for my Mom.  I couldn’t miss out on the reactions of her former classmates when she walked in acting like she was 49 y/o and PREGNANT.  She really isn’t expecting (just want to make that clear). But everyone fell for her prank and were pretty much speechless.  It was GREAT!  Once I get a new hard drive and import the video, I’ll have to show you how it went.


They said hilarious things like…

“Janice!  You didn’t tell me about this!”


“Was it planned?”

“When are you due?”

“You look better pregnant than I do now!”

“Is it a boy or girl?”

“Are you excited?”

“I can’t imagine!”

*Touched her belly* “Oh my goodness, are you having Braxton Hicks contractions already?!”

And my Mom came up with answers.  I stayed fairly quiet and took the video, and somehow managed to keep a straight face.


Out in the parking lot, my Mom quickly changed while hiding behind her car and walked out as her normal, non-pregnant self…

One of her friends cracked up for no less than 5 minutes!  It became the talk of the weekend.  Everyone thought it was hilarious and thought she really got them good!


Um, I think that’s my stray hair blowing in the wind.  Let’s pretend it’s supposed to be there.


I love this picture of my Mom and me!  (With glasses.)


(Without glasses.)


People were way more likely to believe that my Mom was pregnant rather than the fact that I am 22 years old.  I had to show two people my ID because they just flat out did not believe me without proof!  They could not get over the fact that I barely looked 16, but was actually 22.  I mean seriously, is it that bad?  Someone said to my Mom… “Oh, so is your youngest daughter?”  In other words, they knew my Mom had an older girl, but they didn’t think it was me.  I’m tired of hearing, “You’ll appreciate it when you’re older!”  Get a new line!

My Mom and my Aunt Eve


My Mom and her TWIN brother, John.  I know, they don’t even look like siblings, let alone twins.


I waited up for my Mom since I was her DD and could barely make it until she was ready at 1:30 AM.  Am I really the 22-year-old?

I’ll show you later what treasures I brought home from my Grandma’s.

We stopped to snap a few pictures of the sunset on the way home on Sunday evening.



When I got home that night, I finally got to hang out with my friend Jennifer.  We went to Applebee’s for a late dinner and then talked until 3 AM!  We had a lot of catching-up to do.  :)


On Monday, my Mom and I took a short trip to STL for lunch at CPK and to hit up the Mall.  The trip was way too short for my liking and it always depresses me to try to find clothes that fit.  Oh well.  I got Ryan a little something at least.

IMG_1268 IMG_1275

And then it was back to school after a long weekend.  Bummer!







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