Category: Featured

  • Mr. & Mrs. Tibbs (Wedding Photography)

    Back in May, Ryan & I photographed John & Emily’s wedding (FYI: Ryan met John at college and plays drums with him).  It was my second wedding to photograph and I was super excited – especially since we rented some really nice lenses for the first time!

  • Shaners’ Family Photos

    Back in September, I started babysitting an 8 month old baby boy while his Mama had her Pampered Chef meetings.  Another friend of hers (that I also babysit for) recommended me and I’m glad she did!  What a sweet little family.

  • My New 35 mm + More

    Ever since Easter weekend, Ryan and I have been going back in forth between Missouri and Indiana.  It’s been fun.  :o)

  • Instagram Fun

    These past few weeks, I’ve been using Ryan’s iPhone to take and edit some photos.  I decided that I want an iPhone just for the camera and photography apps, like Instagram!  It’s so fun!

  • When You Buy A dSLR…

    You know how the story goes….