Fun Bike Finds

After I bought my bike this summer, I started noticing bikes everywhere.  Either they became trendy around the time I got mine, or I just started noticing.  Either way, I’m kinda liking it.  I’ve found some cute things lately to show my newfound love for bikes.

My favorite and most recent… this bike print from den10studio on Etsy.  I bought a frame and spray painted it this bright turquoise color to match one of the bikes.  It really stands out in my room and I love it!


A bike picture frame from Target to hold nothing else but a picture of our first bike ride.  I’ll miss you Summer of 2010!  :)


When I also saw this bike napkins at Target this summer, I couldn’t resist.  They were way to cute to pass up.  And maybe too cute to use.  They’re still in the package… but I might use them for a special occasion.  :)  Picnic, maybe?!


Who knew bikes could be so cute?!







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