Children Photography (Marcee Preview)

I have three sets of photos I am currently working on from this past weekend.  All the shoots went well and I’m happy with the results!  I also just booked another photo shoot with a family (it will be so fun!).  I can’t believe I am the one behind the camera, in charge of capturing perfect moments… how did this happen?!  Ha, it’s awesome though!

If you like what you see, contact me at and we’ll find a date to take YOUR photos!  Hurry before it gets too cold– unless you want pictures in the snow, of course.  :o)

Here’s a little preview of my first children photography shoot at the park on Sunday afternoon… Stay tuned for more.






6 responses to “Children Photography (Marcee Preview)”

  1. Ryan Ray Avatar
    Ryan Ray
    You are rocking it so far, I’m excited to see the rest. I also wish I could shoot with you, I’m jealous!
  2. Saranray Avatar
    Those are awesome, Ms. Mindy! Like I’ve said before… you have an eye for this form of art! I’m sure you’ll continue to get more bookings with shots like these!!!!!
  3. Mrsfuhring Avatar
    Love them!!!!! Can’t wait to see more :o)
  4. Overtonemusik Avatar
    They look great Mindy! Keep up the good work!
  5. JMarcee Avatar
    Dang those are some cute kids! I am so excited to see the rest!
  6. MMarcee Avatar
    Too cute! Awesome and unique!! Keep ’em coming!!

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