I’m With The Drummer {MYF 2010}

Excuse me while I blog out of order about my Thanksgiving break….

Skip forward to Friday.  On the road yet again! This time it was to drop off Ryan at Osage Beach (Lake of the Ozarks), where the Missouri State Youth Convention (or Missouri Youth Fellowship) was taking place!  Again, John Tibbs and band led worship at this convention for Church of God youth from MO.  Ryan’s Mom and I got to be a part of it Friday evening before we went back home (alone, wah!)



MYF 10

MYF 26

While the boys set up and sound checked, Sara and I hit the local Target.  I played Elf and showed her what Ryan wanted for Christmas.  Unfortunately, I could only afford to buy Starbucks.  But hey, I’ll take that!

Then we ate dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant before the worship service back at the resort (Tan-Tar-A).  This convention made me realize how big ISYC really was!!

MYF 106

MYF 74

MYF 59

MYF 32

MYF 109

MYF 121

All the girls flock to Myles!!!  It is hilarious. They all want a picture with him afterwards.

MYF 130

The band did an awesome job, as always!  Please, please check out their website and music if you haven’t.  It will speak to your heart.  I’ll make it easy for you and link to everything.

John Tibbs Music Website (Join the email list!  Read the blog! Buy the CD or tshirts!)

You Tube



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

MYF 154





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