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  • Sara & Mindy Go To Indy

    Last weekend, Sara and I hit the highway for a weekend trip to Indiana.  Hmm.. wonder what we would possibly be doing there?  ;o) Oh yes, my boyfriend (her son) lives there, just outside of Indianapolis!  We decided to visit Ryan and check out the Indianapolis scene. The first night we went to Broad Ripple […]

  • Meet the WooThemes Community Manager

    Happy March 1st!!!  I love the month of March because it means that winter is on its way out.  I’ve seen some flowers popping out of the ground in the past week, and I can’t wait to see them bloom!  Come on spring!! This particular March is even better because….

  • WooThemes Community Manager

    My boyfriend has been on an official job hunt since December.  He always has some sort of freelance job on his plate, but he is in need of something with regular pay.  He has the strangest luck with jobs, which is ironic because he is SUPER talented and has an incredible work ethic.  I’m not […]

  • Behind the Scenes Video of Couples Photography

    Last week, I posted a preview of the photos I took of Darah and Micah, the lovebirds who happen to be my cousin and her boyfriend.  I mentioned that Ryan took video while I took photos… and I’m excited to present to you a behind the scenes video of couples photography, thanks to Ryan Ray!!! […]

  • Spring Has Sprung on M^2!

    If you’ve been trying to access my blog for the past 24 hours, I apologize that it’s been in maintenance mode – but it’s for good reason!  If you are in a reader, click on over now!