When You Buy A dSLR…

You know how the story goes….

If you give a pig a pancake, she’ll ask for syrup to go with it.  If you give a moose a muffin, he’ll want some jam to go with it.

Well, I can relate.

When your boyfriend wants to trade in his entry-level dSLR in for a bigger and better one, you’ll wonder why.

When, ahem, you buy him said camera, he’ll also need lenses, bags, a reflector… Oh my! Isn’t this getting a little out of hand?

Go Incase Bags

When your boyfriend teaches you how to use the 7D, you like the challenge.

Mindy with the 7D

Your point and shoot is no longer the same.  When you have the chance, you’ll ask to use the 7D instead.  You’ll want to take a picture of this.  And that.  And him.

And when you start, you’re hooked.

Maryville Christmas 2009

When you eventually take over your boyfriend’s camera, you know it’s time to get one of your own.

When you buy a Canon Rebel t2i for yourself, you need a lens to go with it.

This starts to sound familiar.

Image from Amazon where I bought mine.

A 50 mm, perfect to start.  (To start, does that mean there will be more?)

Fall 2010 47

Oh, but wait.  When you buy a dSLR, a memory card is not included.  So you think a 16 GB should do it.  Class 10 will be fast enough.

Image from Amazon where I bought mine.

(YES, a battery IS included.)

When you start taking pictures and carrying it around your neck everywhere you go, your neck will get raw.  You’ll need a camera strap for comfort (and looks). Thank goodness you won it in a giveaway, or you would’ve bought it yourself.

Mindy's Camera Strap 23

When you take a lot of pictures of anything and everything, you will literally run out of space on your hard drive.

You know what means.  Time for a new one!  500 GB, it is.

Now you have space on your camera, a lens, space on your computer, and a camera strap.  What else could you need?

When you take more and more pictures, you realize you need a wide-angle lens… so you buy the 35 mm.

Image from Amazon where I bought mine

When you have two lenses, you need somewhere to keep them safe and an easy way to carry them around!

A camera bag would be really helpful.  Functional, but cute?  Kelly Moore Bags!

Definitely worth the price for an attractive, well-made bag that functions nicely.  It’s even boyfriend approved, even though it’s girly.

Redburn Family 672

Redburn Family 670

When you feel confident enough, you will start taking pictures for other people.  In that case, you will need to shoot photos in RAW.

RAW files are huge, and your computer’s processor isn’t made for that.  See what happens?  Yikes.

Ryan IS FINE 153

I must’ve missed the part that said you need a Core 2 Duo or faster.

I didn’t plan on this.

But when your computer can’t keep up and does that to pictures, it’s time to cash in some savings bonds and trade in the computer!

(It’s listed on eBay and  has 24 hours left.  Contact me if you are really interested!)

I am selling my MacBook!

Yes, I’m selling my beloved MacBook that I’ve had for 4 years.  My very first Apple computer!!!  It’s a great computer, but not quite fast enough to deal with RAW files.  iMac here I come!!!!  Once you go Mac, you never go back.

Does the story end here?

For now.  But it’s certainly not over yet.  You don’t want to know.

Moral of the story: If you plan on buying a dSLR and going all out, plan to empty your bank account.  And you can’t ever question your boyfriend again with “Why did you buy that?”

But it’s sooo worth it!!  At least it can be more than hobby.

Anyone need some photos???  I think I’m prepared.  ;)

P.S.- I am broke broke broke.  I’ve spent more money this year than in my entire life.



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10 responses to “When You Buy A dSLR…”

  1. John Avatar
    haha. This is great! Em & I are getting the T2i & the 50mm 1.4 lens in December! Fortunately, I already have a full Terabyte for storage, so Emily and I will just need to get a camera bag. I’m sure you’ll get the money back in no time though! Good luck Mindy.
    1. Mindy Avatar
      That’s awesome! You’ll love it! And you know who to ask if you have any questions!
  2. Ryan Ray Avatar
    Ryan Ray
    When you buy a DSLR then you want lenses (L-series), accessories, models, Aperture, Final Cut Studio, lights, wireless triggers, softboxes, nice tripod, DSLR sticks, follow focus, steadicam…This is just my short list for DSLR, what about my bike…:)
    1. Mindy Avatar
      Your lists are worse than mine! hehe
  3. ClassyFabSarah Avatar
    I got my dslr in… March? June? but I definitely haven’t jumped in with both feet yet. I need to get on it! You’re buying all my dreams! So exciting!
    1. Mindy Avatar
      What have you bought so far with it?
  4. Thecarozone Avatar
    Come on over to Canada, I’d love a photoshoot!
    1. Ryan Ray Avatar
      Ryan Ray
      Oh absolutely! C’mon Mindy, I’d love a visit to Canada. Where are you in Canada?
    2. Mindy Avatar
      Haha ok let’s go! ;)
  5. JMarcee Avatar
    I need a babysitter Saturday if you wanna earn some money. . .

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