Christmas Train

It wasn’t complete without a Lionel train set rocking riding around the Christmas tree…

My brother dug out his old train set he got for Christmas waaay back when and put it together!  It still worked, believe it or not, and now our Christmas tree is complete.

I took some pictures but decided that wasn’t enough… so I also took some video (since my Canon t2i can take both!)  I am no where near a pro like Ryan and really know nothing about videography.. so don’t take it too seriously.  I still remembered how to use iMovie ’06 (from 3-4 years ago!!) and took a shot at it… it was fun at least. It’s only the second video I’ve ever edited, hah.  Oh but watch it until the end because that’s the best part.  Enjoy!





2 responses to “Christmas Train”

  1. Ryan Ray Avatar
    Ryan Ray
    Look at you, you’ll be addicted to video soon too! ;)
  2. Jamie Foster Avatar
    Jamie Foster
    I’d like to use a portion of one of your Christmas train photos for our website. Please contact me.

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