Email surprise!

Last Tuesday, I opened up my email and found a nice surprise.

Don’t you love those???

I won a $100 Visa gift card from a BlogHer giveaway!!!!  Woohoo!!

Even though I won’t get the gift card for 6 weeks, I think it justifies buying Ryan some Christmas presents, despite my lack of funds.  What perfect timing!! He tells me not to, but too bad!!!  ;o)  Today I had way too much fun looking at fun Christmas gifts.  I wish I could say more but it would ruin the surprise!

What are you getting your loved ones for Christmas??

Oh, I also had another nice email this weekend!  I am invited to a scholarship interview dinner this week — which means I could potentially be the recipient of a scholarship that I had this fall!  That would be wonderful, as I am taking 18 hours in the spring and thus my tuition is higher than normal.  We’ll see how it goes!






3 responses to “Email surprise!”

  1. CarrieJo Avatar
    Yay for you! That is exciting! :)
  2. Saranray Avatar
    Fingers crossed on the scholarship!! And saying a prayer too! I remember a semester that I had 18 hrs. Very demanding! You can do it though!
    1. Mindy Avatar
      Thanks!! I hope so!

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