Deck The Halls (& Blog)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go…

MYF 102

Yes, even on my blog!!!   (Click over now if you are reading my blog from a Reader!)

A couple weeks ago, Ryan approached me with an idea for my blog.  Funny enough, I was thinking the same exact thing!!!  You know how they say great minds think alike…

Well, he’s been working hard to decorate my blog for Christmas and since today is December 1st, we thought it would be appropriate to launch my Christmas theme!  I LOVE it – – it’s so festive!  What do you think?  Thanks again Ryan, my oh-so-talented boyfriend!!!

MYF 63

This past weekend, my Mom and I decorated the house for Christmas.  All of the pretty decorations and the process of putting them up is one of my favorite parts about the Christmastime (among many other things).  I hate when we have to take them down – so sad!  They make everything merry and bright!  It was a fun way to end my Thanksgiving break and welcome in the upcoming Holiday.

MYF 47

This year we got TWO live Christmas trees, one for upstairs and one for our newly completed basement.  So fun!!!  Someday when I move out (haha), I might just put a Christmas tree in every room!  Call me crazy… but I’m a sucker for lights and ornaments and red and green and garland and stockings. ;-)

We always do different “themes” for our Christmas trees.  This year, the downstairs tree is white and blue and natural!

MYF 31 MYF 68 MYF 36 MYF 74

The upstairs tree is more traditional… colorful and your typical ornaments.

MYF 12 MYF 87

Deck the Halls 2010 3

Deck the Halls 2010 21

Deck the Halls 2010 24

Deck the Halls 2010 29

Our kitten, Milo, helped us decorate. ;-) Surprisingly, she hasn’t tried to climb our trees…yet.

MYF 117

What does your Christmas tree look like?  The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating them and they’re all equally awesome!

We also have lights and other decorations spread throughout the house.  Oh and of course, Christmas music playing in the background.  And maybe even a Christmas candle lit. :)

Deck the Halls 2010 49 Deck the Halls 2010 44 MYF 40






9 responses to “Deck The Halls (& Blog)”

  1. Ryan Ray Avatar
    Ryan Ray
    I approve of this, looks just like Christmas!
    1. Mindy Avatar
      Lol you approve of your design?
  2. suresh Avatar
    i love this blog just becoz of the photos u publish.. they r so colorful.. Happy Christmas :P
    1. Mindy Avatar
      Aw thank you! Merry Christmas to you!
  3. Catherine Kirby Avatar
    Catherine Kirby
    Beautiful and full of sparkle! (Super Photography!!!) Can’t wait to put our decorations up too:)
  4. Ashleyredburn Avatar
    Awesome Mindy! I think when my kids get older we will decorate more and more for Christmas. With little ones it’s so stressful to decorate while they are grabbing everything! :0)
    1. Mindy Avatar
      I can imagine! I’m sure it will turn into more fun and less stress as time goes on!
  5. Bethanyhaid Avatar
    Live trees? Do you plant them after? Just wondering where you found them! Or if they are just formerly alive, what type are they? I especially like the first tree!
  6. Mrsfuhring Avatar
    Oh how I love both trees!!!!!!!! We always do fake…. I just hate the upkeep of real trees ;o) My family always did fake… that’s just what I got, maybe someday we get a real one too!

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