Early Christmas Present

Last night, Ryan and I were making breakfast for a late dinner..or you could call it an early breakfast since it was about 11 pm at night.  Eggs, bacon, grits… and coffee.

Anyway, as I was cleaning my French Press and waiting on the water to boil in my electric kettle.. my carafe fell out of my French Press frame and into the sink… and BROKE into pieces.  :(

Broken French Press & Biscotti 2

Now guess what I need for Christmas…

Bodum 34-Ounce Coffee Press Glass Replacement Beaker from Amazon.com

But for a temporary solution and to get my cup of coffee that I wanted last night with my breakfast/dinner.. the first thing that came to mind was RYAN’S CHRISTMAS PRESENT.

Christmas Pretzels 2

I said OH, I have an idea… and got the present out from under the tree.  Kind of ruined the surprise, but he didn’t know it wasn’t just ANY French Press until he opened it anyway.  It was a Bodum travel French press!  Now he can make coffee on the road with John Tibbs!  Yay!

Broken French Press & Biscotti 3

Broken French Press & Biscotti 4

…And that’s the story of why Ryan got to open a Christmas present early.  And why I have to buy myself a Christmas present now.  All because I’m addicted to coffee!





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