Dessert + WalMart Date

Well, we’ve already checked off a few things on our Christmas to-do list

Yesterday, we went on a dessert + coffee date to Sybill’s, a local fine-dining restaurant in Small Hick Town, USA.  We have been wanting to get chocolate lava cake there for a long time, as we hadn’t had it in 3(?) years or so.  It was even on our summer to-do list and never got checked off.  Well… we finally got it.

Dessert & TV Mount 16

Dessert & TV Mount 4

Dessert & TV Mount 5

Dessert & TV Mount 8 Dessert & TV Mount 10 Dessert & TV Mount 12

However, after all that waiting, and finally digging our forks into the cake for the first bite… there was NO lava in it like before!  Um, chocolate LAVA cake…is supposed to be filled with lava!  Sad.  They should probably change the name on the menu to “Gooey Chocolate Cake.”  I NEVER have complaints about this restaurant, but unfortunately, this was disappointing.

Well, it was still fun anyway.  I guess next time we will have to go for a different dessert that isn’t falsely advertised.

After our dessert and coffee, we headed to Wal-Mart.  Oh baby!!!  We like to keep it classy.

Anyway, it was actually good because we got supplies for our gingerbread houses, hot chocolate, and biscotti!!!  AND a wall mount for my TV!  Now that is pretty exciting.

Ryan, aka Mr. Fix-It, so kindly installed my wall mount and got everything fixed up.  Now I have my TV right next to my computer monitor (they’re basically both 22 inches) and I can use it as a second monitor.  But I can also swivel it and watch TV/a movie from my bed!  Woohoo!  Thanks Ryan!

Dessert & TV Mount 43 Dessert & TV Mount 42

Dessert & TV Mount 52

Dessert & TV Mount 56

I love my new set up!  And now I also have room on my dresser where my TV was sitting.





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