Fall 2010 Semester

I can’t believe it!  As of tonight, I’m finished with ANOTHER semester!!!!  This is always cause for a celebration (and a blog post).

History of American Education- Check!
Organic Chemistry I – Check!
Educational Psychology- Check!
Senior Biology Seminar- Check!

I will be finding out this week whether or not I will still have my 4.0 (after I find out about my Organic Chem final).  Overall, it was a pretty good semester.

Deck the Halls 2010 36

Now all I have left is 18 hours of classes next semester (yikes), student teaching next fall, and I have my degree & certification!!!  Wait, wasn’t I just a freshman?

Also, I just got word last night that I am, again, a recipient of a very AWESOME scholarship!!!!  It is a scholarship foundation funded by a wife and husband who are retired educators and want to help students who are going into math/science secondary education. This is GREAT news, especially since I don’t get my transfer scholarship anymore (Boo! Only lasts for 4 semesters!) and the SMART grant (because I’ve been a senior – by credit hours – for two semesters already).  So anyway, it all worked out!!!

But.. I don’t want to think about next semester right now, as I am now on CHRISTMAS BREAK.  WOOHOO!  You can’t tell I’m excited, can you?!





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