Christmas Wish-List

Just incase you didn’t understand the humor of my last post / don’t like Mariah Carey Christmas songs / thought it was too cliche, cheesy, or goofy…. then here is my “selfish” Christmas list just for fun…

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Dear Santa,

What’s your budget this year?  I’d take a full frame dSLR and a few L-series lenses if you have several thousand.  If not, I understand.  I’ll just ask for another SD memory card and a battery pack/vertical grip instead.  And maybe a wide angle, non-L series lens.

I also need a wall mount for my TV so I can free up some room on my dresser.

I’d always take some new pajamas, underwear, or scarves/hats.  Oooh and how about a Snuggie?!  I know they’re like two Christmases ago, but I never got one and I’m always cold.

Anything to feed my addiction would be lovely: coffee, coffee tumblers or mugs, Starbucks gift cards… Oh and I LOVE this reusable cup to hold my other addiction: iced tea.

I’d love to sport a new John Tibbs t-shirt from the John Tibbs shop.

If you get (or make) something handmade from Etsy/Big Cartel/etc, I wouldn’t complain.  In fact, I’d probably love it!

iTunes gift cards are always good too.

But I know this letter is pointless because I’m gettin nuttin for Christmas ’cause I’ve been nuttin but bad!



What’s on your list this year?





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