Christmas To-Do List

Last year, Ryan and I had a really fun Christmas break together…

You HAVE to watch this short video of us sledding if you haven’t seen it.  That’s just one of the things we did last Christmas!

Did I mention he arrived in Missouri yesterday?!  YAY!!!  Let the fun begin…

Here’s our “to-do” list for this Christmas….(remember when we made one for summer?)

  • Make a Christmas video
  • Christmas light tours (Local park, neightborhoods..)
  • Make a gingerbread house (I don’t think I ever have?!)
  • Drink spiked egg nog hot cocoa and lots of coffee
  • Watch Christmas movies-  ELF!! (my favorite), Christmas Vacation, The Grinch… {We watched A Christmas Carol tonight.}
  • Cuddle by the fireplace
  • Make Christmas sweets- cookies, chocolate covered pretzels..
  • Take Christmas themed pictures
  • LET IT SNOW (please!)… Weather permitting, Make a snowman, sled, etc
  • Dessert date at Sybill’s (Chocolate Lava Cake)
  • Hang Mindy’s TV (Now that’s exciting, huh!  No really, it is… I’ll have a second monitor for my computer!)
  • Sing Christmas carols… I do this all the time so I thought I’d add it to the list.  Ryan asked if I wanted singing lessons for Christmas… he’s getting coal.
  • Go shopping (With what money? Okay, maybe if we win the lottery…)
  • Maybe go ice skating – but NOT if Ryan takes a video.  I’ve never been and it could be dangerous/embarrassing.
  • Hang out with family!!

Are we missing anything?

What are your plans?





6 responses to “Christmas To-Do List”

  1. Alex Earnhardt Avatar
    Alex Earnhardt
    I’ll be doing a lot of the same things with my girlfriend Mandi :) I hope that you two have a great break and a Merry Christmas! Ryan will be missed in Anderson!
  2. CarrieJo Avatar
    I LOVE the video!!!!!! Especially when you were “pushing” yourself down the hill after you were off of your sled! I think that when Ryan comes back to Indy you should come with him and we should have a Winter Date Weekend!!!! Here is what I imagine to be on the agenda for the weekend… -Ice Skating at Pan Am Plaza -Possibly checking out a hockey match (could be interesting) -Dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory downtown -Sipping lots of warm coffee and tea by the fireplace -Fun games -Fun picture time -Moving Ryan in and getting him settled -Making a yummy dinner together What do you think…are you in?!??!?! Say YES!! :)
    1. Ryan Ray Avatar
      Ryan Ray
      I’ll count her in for her, she says YES! Hah.
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