Heart Garland

There’s something about Valentine’s Day that makes me feel crafty… (anyone else?)

Blizzard 135

So when I found this tutorial for “Colors of Love Garland” from the blog Fresh and Fun, I knew it was a craft that was on my level.  Hah!  Yesterday was the perfect day to make it since 1) we were snowed in and 2) I had a crafting partner, Darah (who is very artistic – bonus!).

We pretty much followed the tutorial, but decorated the hearts a little differently.

Step 1- Make hearts out of paper bags using a template.  We made two different sizes.

Step 2- Decorate said hearts to your heart’s desire.  Instead of painting them, we used other things like stickers, pictures, etc.

Step 3- Sew front and back of each heart together.  Leave a little space to stuff it.  Sew it closed.

Step 4- String hearts together using a needle and thin string/yarn.

Step 5- Hang up your heart garland somewhere to spread some love!

(If you don’t want to make it, JaneSays sells it in her Etsy shop.)

Valentine Day Craft 4 Valentine Day Craft 5 Valentine Day Craft 37 Valentine Day Craft 31 Valentine Day Craft 30

It has a nice place above my bed.

Valentine Day Craft 10





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  1. Mrsfuhring Avatar
    Love it!!!!
    1. Mindy Avatar
      Thanks!!! It took us a LOT longer than I thought it would.. ha

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