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  • While Ryan was away…

    This weekend, Ryan was in Tennessee playing drums with John Tibbs. I was never really great at being “home alone,” but I decided to be brave and try to make the best of it!  Technically, I wasn’t “alone” because we have two cats who lovingly like to bother me.  I was glad Ryan was only […]

  • First Trip to IKEA

    Yes, I am deprived… I am 22.5 years old and just took my first trip to IKEA!

  • Yarn Wreath Giveaway- Winner!

    I apologize that I am announcing the winner to my Yarn Wreath Giveaway 2.5 weeks later… but time slipped away from me!  This whole month has, actually.

  • Origami Hearts

    The other day I stumbled upon yet another Valentine craft I wanted to try… Origami Hearts!  The blog, Oh My! Handmade Goodness, had tutorial on how to make adorable origami heart garland.

  • Felt Heart Wreath

    I promise this hasn’t turned into a crafting-only blog.  I’m just on a crafting kick lately and want to share it with you!