Home Video- Country Karaoke

You may or may not know that when I was 8 years old, I thought I was the next country star.  ;-)  I went through a “cowgirl” phase, and well, it didn’t last long…

Here’s some EMBARRASSING highlights of a home video.  I can’t believe I’m posting this!  Enjoy!

P.S. – I still love these songs.



10 responses to “Home Video- Country Karaoke”

  1. That’s tooo cute! I think you need to do some Karaoke! You have an inner star dying to come out!
    I also think your butt is the same size then, as it is now!!! hahahahaha

  2. Hilarious. I’m seriously laughing out loud right now!!! Sooo cute. I also loved those songs (although I was a bit older than you)…and hearing them today made me miss them! Isn’t it funny what our parents let us listen to?! I can’t imagine letting my kids listen to or sing those songs now! I guess I grew up okay, though right?! (Don’t tell me otherwise!) So funny, thanks for posting!

    • Haha I’m liked you liked it!! That’s exactly what I was thinking! I didn’t really know what any of the lyrics meant but yikes! Then again, the songs are WAY worse now. I think we both turned out okay. ;)

  3. hahahaaaa that is awesome!!! and i love the song “strawberry wine”! i am telling you…that girl in school is a mini-me of you and this video proves it!

    too cute! :)

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