Origami Hearts

The other day I stumbled upon yet another Valentine craft I wanted to try… Origami Hearts!  The blog, Oh My! Handmade Goodness, had tutorial on how to make adorable origami heart garland.

I already had the supplies.. origami paper in every color of the rainbow, left over from the origami fortune cookies I made Ryan last year…

And the great thing about Origami is all you need is the paper!  No glue or scissors, of course.  You did need a few extra supplies if you wanted to make the garland though.. (like string & glue)

Origami Hearts 7

I used this great tutorial on how to make origami hearts that Handmade Goodness also used

… and made over 20 hearts!

Origami Hearts 23

The hearts are simple, I promise.  I am by no means an origami expert.

Watch my square piece of paper turn into a sweet little heart…

Origami Hearts 35

Origami Hearts 41

Origami Hearts 45 Origami Hearts 50

Origami Hearts 52

Origami Hearts 55

Origami Hearts 59

Origami Hearts 61

Then I glued the hearts to a string to make the garland… and had to tie beads on them because they were top heavy. (Good thing my cousin thought of that because I was sad about my upside hearts that wouldn’t hang right!)

Valentine's 2011 61

Valentine's 2011 59

Valentine's 2011 62

My Mom said it reminds her of a heart shaped kites!  I can see that.

What else could you do with origami hearts??





5 responses to “Origami Hearts”

  1. Jessika Hepburn Avatar
    Jessika Hepburn
    Lovely garland Mindy! I am so happy you enjoyed Marisa’s tutorial, thanks for sharing with your readers: ) Best, Jessika
  2. Rocio Rincon Avatar
    Rocio Rincon
    They are absolute adorable!!! Thks for sharing! Xoxo ♥ Rocio R. http://myfashiondolly.blogspot.com
    1. Mindy Avatar
  3. Marisa Avatar
    Mindy, your “kites” are so cute! Glad you enjoyed folding up those hearts! We also turned ours into cupcake toppers: http://omiyageblogs.blogspot.com/2011/02/diy-origami-heart-cupcake-toppers.html I’ve also seen these hearts used as bookmarks – that slit between the sides makes them good placeholders! Cheers, Marisa
  4. MorganaLeFay Avatar
    i couldn’t :/

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