Valentine’s Day 2011

If you know Ryan or me, you know that Valentine’s Day is a pretty big deal.  For us.  214 is our day.  Read our love story here if you are interested.  Or stay tuned for a new blog where you will hear a lot more from US.

This year is the first year since 2008 that we got to celebrate 2.14 on the official day (we’re usually in different states).  Now THAT is exciting and the best gift I can ask for!  He’s been here since Friday and is leaving tomorrow (if I let him – hehe).

As soon as Ryan arrived on Friday evening, he handed me my gifts from a Wal-Mart bag.  First off, he “doesn’t believe in wrapping” and second, he couldn’t wait to give me my gifts.  This year he was Mr. Practical and it was pretty adorable.  He gave me thoughtful, useful gifts like..

A bike jersey for when the weather warms up and we can bike again!  Oh and he got one for himself in blue.  How cute will we be?!

Valentine's 2011 8

An Aeropress – a new way to make coffee AND espresso- and some Starbucks Kenya coffee to go with it.  More on that soon with a video.

Valentine's 2011 54

And finally, a much needed battery pack/vertical grip for my Canon t2i.

Darah & Micah 28

Darah & Micah 18

I got Ryan three magazine subscriptions (and gave him this month’s magazines since the subscriptions don’t start until next month).  Dwell, Esquire, & Wired.  And for the record, I wrapped them in pretty red V-Day paper.  hehe

Valentine's 2011 15

Valentine's 2011 25

Valentine's 2011 30

Valentine's 2011 33

AND I scheduled full-body, 1-hr massage appointments for Valentine’s Day for the both of us!  It was his first professional massage and he loved it (as did I!)  Afterwards we got coffee at a local coffee shop.

I skipped my one class that day and the rest of the day we just enjoyed each other’s company, drank more coffee, went to Wal-Mart among all the last minute shoppers and got gifts for our Moms, and he took me out to dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant.  It was topped off with ice cream for dessert!  It was the perfect, low-key Valentine’s Day 2011 together.

Our entire weekend together was great – hanging out with each other and family.  Always a good time.  :)

Valentine's 2011 59

IMG_1515 IMG_1509

Oh did I mention that it marked FIVE YEARS together?!!  Yes, one of these days we have a new anniversary date.  For now, I wait.  :)

I love my Valentine!!!!!

How did you spend your 2.14?





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  1. Christysuzanne11 Avatar
    Except if you get married on Valentines Day. Next year maybe? :-)
    1. Mindy Avatar
      Haha maybe!!! ;)
  2. John Tibbs Avatar
    John Tibbs
    Congrats guys! So happy for you two. Mindy, great gift on the subscriptions!!
    1. Mindy Avatar
      Thanks John! :)

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