Easter Weekend 2011

Happy Easter!  (A little late.. but it is something that we should celebrate all year long!)

Over the Easter holiday I went North and visited Ryan!  I was reluctant at first to take the weekend “off” since this week is busy being my last week of classes… but it all works out in the end!  I’m half-way through the week and still alive… and almost FINISHED!  Wow.  :)

Anyway, I didn’t take a whole lot of pics over the weekend.. but I will share a few.. First, I’ll summarize our weekend!

Friday evening~ On my way to Indiana, I found out that we would be attending Todd’s ordination service… or should I say Pastor Todd.  :)  It was really nice service (I’ve never been to one) and it was also his birthday!  What a great day to be ordained.  We celebrated with pizza and cake afterwards with his family and friends.

Saturday~ Relaxed, rearranged & cleaned Ryan’s room, ate left-over pizza, opened Easter gifts from his Mom (FUN!), gave myself a manicure with the nail polish and nail art she got me.

Later that afternoon, we went on a bike ride… where we almost got attacked by a flying goose.  NO exaggeration.  Made a pit stop at Starbucks, and then went to Kelly & Duane’s for a cookout!  Yum!

Sunday~ Rise and shine at 6 AM!  Drove an hour + to Anderson for Church at Madison Park.  Todd and Ryan were playing the worship music with John Tibbs.  Carrie and I ate breakfast at iHop while they were rehearsing and caught the last half of the 1st service and then the 2nd service as well.  Ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant, all of us took a 3 hour nap when we got back, and then spent the rest of the day trying to get ready to head back to Missouri.  It took a while because I was kidnapping Ryan and he was trying to do something with his computer/hard drives so he could take them along to Missouri..and well long story short, it didn’t work after all and we got home at 3 AM.  The good part?  He is here with me!  I love that he works online. :D

How was your Easter? I’m kinda bummed that Ryan didn’t want to dye eggs with me!  You’re never too old to do that, right?

P.S. – Check out Ryan’s new glasses!

Easter Weekend Plainfield 69

Easter Weekend Plainfield 63

Easter Weekend Plainfield 48

Easter Weekend Plainfield 45

Easter Weekend Plainfield 46 Easter Weekend Plainfield 4 Easter Weekend Plainfield 13

Can’t wait to fly our kites!

Easter Weekend Plainfield 44

Easter Weekend Plainfield 37 Easter Weekend Plainfield 35 Easter Weekend Plainfield 90





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    Ryan is a HAWT rockstar.

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