Goodbye Savannah (Thursday, Day 6)

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Ryan and I planned to leave Georgia on Thursday morning, but of course that didn’t happen.  We stayed up too late the night before hanging out, which is okay.  :)

Once we finally packed up and left Darah and Micah’s house, we had to eat lunch, go to a few more stores, and get dessert!

I had to take a picture of the horses for my Mom…

Savannah Thursday 21

and get a souvenior for myself….a “Savannah Rose” – made out of palm leaves.


We had lunch at a French cafe… yum!

Savannah Thursday 9 Savannah Thursday 7 Savannah Thursday 3 Savannah Thursday 12 Savannah Thursday 17

And had desert at a frozen yogurt place cafe, La Berry.  This was my first visit to a frozen yogurt cafe and I LOVED it.  Oh man, I think I could eat there everyday!  I had Georgia peach and lemon yogurt with sprinkles, gummy bears, kiwi, blueberries, Boba, granola, Savannah Bee Company honey… it was de-licious! Ryan had Pecan Praline yogurt with some healthier toppings.  ;o)  He made fun of mine!

Savannah Thursday 33 Savannah Thursday 44 Savannah Thursday 41 Savannah Thursday 38

Savannah Thursday 47

Savannah Thursday 50


Savannah Thursday 57

We left late afternoon and drove alllll night again.  This time I actually helped out with the driving, and managed to drive at 3 AM while Ryan took a little nap.  We crashed when we got to my house at 8 AM.  My bed never felt so good!


I hope you enjoyed hearing about our travels to Savannah, Georgia and seeing all the pictures.  There will be an awesome video once Ryan makes it.  :)





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  1. CarrieJo Avatar
    we ate at a yogurt place just like that in san diego-yum!
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