My Boyfriend In Comic Form

I’ve been meaning to post this comic that was originally posted on WooThemes … I’m pretty sure this is the only time I’ve seen my boyfriend in comic form.  Love it. :o)

While we’re on the same topic, Ryan has been the community manager of WooThemes for 1.5 months already!  Read here if you are asking.. what is a community manager?

So far, so good… actually, GREAT!  He is loving it and I think they are loving him.  ;)  It’s so funny when I try to explain to people what Ryan’s job is.. and that his boss lives in South Africa.  Try explaining that to your 90 year old Grandma!  It really amazes some people and well, it is a pretty amazing job anyway!

I am so proud of him (and I know his Momma is too!)  He just wrote a great blog post about how he made himself stand out among the other applicants.  Check it out! Also, I loved this post that his boss wrote about hiring passionate people (like Ryan!)





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