Sunny Saturday

Today was a notable day.

First of all, look at the weather!  94 degrees is quite warm for April in Missouri.  I am not complaining though because I love the heat.  Call me crazy.  :o)

First, I worked a cupcake stand in the morning (see The Cupcake Kids and Sixty Feet).

Cupcake Sale! 25

Cupcake Sale! 2

Cupcake Sale! 36

Cupcake Sale! 34

Cupcake Sale! 42

Cupcake Sale! 29 Cupcake Sale! 86

Then I took photos at a baby shower. (Below is a very short preview – more soon!)

And to top it all off, I babysat for a precious little boy.  I decided to bring my camera along since I had been taking pictures all day anyway!  He thinks it is fun to see himself on the camera.  :)


Ahh… how nice it is not to do something school related and instead do things that I enjoy!  Now time to sleep… I enjoy that too! ;o)






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