Hilton Head Island (Tuesday, Day 4)

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Tuesday, Day 4- Ryan and I drove ~30 miles to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina! Did you know Savannah, Georgia was so close?  I didn’t!

Savannah Tuesday 34 Savannah Tuesday 51

I was excited to find out Hilton Head Island was so close because it was the first beach I EVER went to–I didn’t know if I’d ever get to go back!  I went in 2001 (I was 13 y/o) with my cousin and his family.  I was invited as the babysitter.  Here’s a flashback…

Anyway :)

This was Ryan’s first time to South Carolina.  We both agreed it was our favorite part of the trip because we rode bikes around the Island and on the beach.  16 miles of bike riding to be exact – my personal best.  Hilton Head has bike paths throughout the whole island and it is so beautiful!  We even rode along the beach – I’d call that a dream come true!  (Side note- there were tons of dead jellyfish on the beach – ew! We found a crab in one of them. Yes, I’m a biology major so I examined them.)

The day was sooo great, even if it was cloudy and I had to wear two jackets and bike leggings!  So much for the swimsuits I packed.  We took a break for coffee and a snack and after dark, we ate dinner at a cafe.  When we got back to Savannah, I was EXHAUSTED!

We want to go back to both of the Carolinas (I’ve never been to NC) – and maybe check them out as potential places to live?

Enjoy the pictures and come back for Day 5!

Savannah Tuesday 7

Savannah Tuesday 18

Savannah Tuesday 25 Savannah Tuesday 28 Savannah Tuesday 39 Savannah Tuesday 49 Savannah Tuesday 52 Savannah Tuesday 61 Savannah Tuesday 57

Can you spot the alligator peaking its head out of the water in the photo below??

Savannah Tuesday 90Savannah Tuesday 92 Savannah Tuesday 102

Savannah Tuesday 79

Savannah Tuesday 77

Savannah Tuesday 72 Savannah Tuesday 82 Savannah Tuesday 116 Savannah Tuesday 126 Savannah Tuesday 125 Savannah Tuesday 129

Savannah Tuesday 138

Savannah Tuesday 144

Savannah Tuesday 161

Savannah Tuesday 181





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  1. Ashleyredburn Avatar
    Hey, that jumping picture looks familiar! :0) I think the Carolina’s would be a great place for you to live (and us to visit!!)!
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